Is Online Gambling Legal In Texas?

There are gray areas and unanswered questions about legal online gambling in Texas, not only in the state of Texas, but in the United States itself. Players may have heard of certain laws, have been detracted from playing because of fears over prosecution, but here we will endeavor to explain that as an individual player you are going to be safe to proceed and enjoy the world of online betting.

Legality Of Online Gambling In Texas

Bovada Legal SportsbookThe best way to get this question which arises quite often, is to flip it around. The question you should be asking is this, is it illegal to bet online in the state of Texas? The simple answer to this is no, which should put a lot of people's minds at ease within the state. The upshot of it all is this, there are no state or federal laws which specifically ban the practice of online sports betting for players in Texas. Because of the absence it means that players can safely proceed and get their bets down their favorite sports, be it horse racing, football, basketball, hockey or whatever takes your fancy. It is safe to have a wager as no one is going to come knocking on your door throwing a law book at you. This is because of two reasons.

Physical location of player is a huge gray area which never been defined by any state or federal law. This means players can safely sit in Dallas or Houston for example and be placing wagers at a betting site based in Nevada. The other safety net for online players is that all legislation which exists is only targeting operators and not individuals using their services. While casino operations are outlawed in Texas, you're pretty much clear to get online and have sports wagers. The only issues which may arise could come because of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, which can sometimes make credit card transactions difficult, but with the profligacy of deposit methods such as e-wallets and bank cash options like Western Union, this is a small matter which can be easily circumnavigated.

Is It Safe To Gamble Online In Texas?

The answer is the same for much for the United States, yes. Without any specific prohibition regarding online sports betting, players are pretty much free to get down to the gambling business without any worries. That means players can ignore other complications and all the legal back and forth regardless of being located in Texas or anywhere else. Realistically there are thousands upon thousands of players in United States placing online wagers everyday without any problems or issues. The best route will instantly find yourself are very reputable betting site at which to perform transactions, which will give you some extra coverage.

Safe Gambling Sites That Welcome Texas Residents

Speaking of highly recommend highly reputable online gambling operators based in the United States, one of the first ports of call should be Bovada. They run a pretty tight ship there with everything by the book and above board and are really worth looking at. Other options would include betting sites like 5Dimes, and BetOnline.

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